Is our dog bed waterproof?

The FINNTO dog bed is covered with our unique hygiene ticking and thus protects the inside of the bed from dirt, moisture and odours. This cover, which is located directly under the fabric cover, consists of a waterproof membrane that is nevertheless breathable. This makes our dog bed waterproof and also suitable for outdoor use. However, we do not recommend our dog bed as a dog raft [...].

How often should I wash my dog bed?

We cannot give a general answer to the question of how often you should wash your dog bed, but we can give a few recommendations: Dog hair, remains of chewing bones and other dirt are just a few of the things that can accumulate and build up in a dog bed over time. However, this should not be a permanent condition, which is why you should [...].

What is the best way to clean the hygiene ticking of my dog bed?

It is best to clean the hygiene cover with a disinfectant cleaner. If you let the cleaner work for 30 seconds, you can be sure that almost all bacteria have been killed.